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Communal Solitude

In exploration of more sustainable modes of transportation, this proposal focuses on a water route between Chicago, Illinois to St. Joseph, Michigan. Following the riverfront of St. Joseph, this proposal blends landscape and architecture with a programmatic approach that emphasizes social engagement by creating a ferry terminal that serves as a communal thermal bath house. In proximity to the body of water, this project aims to incorporate the water in a conscious way. Driven by solar panels, an electric based heat pump works to recycle the water.

The programmatic values and design decisions were influenced by multiple studies of ancient thermal baths, which conformed to a rigid grid-based design. Thus, this grid becomes a tool for formal studies of the architecture in relation to the sloping site. A hypervisible slope translates through the architecure’s elevation. Still, the grid acts as a constant but allows for fluidity in the design. This project aims to achieve a communal solitude through the ritualistic experience. Overlooking the St. Joseph river, framed views are intended to evoke a sublime feeling in the user.